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Backlit shot in a still green grain field to symbolize the LORENZ sustainability strategy: simply.healthy.building.

Values define LORENZ' actions!

That's what sustainability means to us.

All employees were asked what “sustainability” means to them. The answers revealed the individual positions and were evaluated.

This resulted in a common value system that could be compared with common sustainability models. The LORENZ values best matched the priority model, in which the social, economic and ecological aspects are placed in dependence: The simple formula of this model is:

“No economy without society, no society without ecology”.

The LORENZ-compass of values

Sustainability model

We define livable as something that is healthy, natural and suitable for future generations.

We consider the reduction of the CO2 footprint as well as the careful use of resources to be ecological.

We see innovation in economic terms as the first priority.

We consider social action to be above all local commitment, responsible interaction with one another and family friendliness.

Fairness expresses for us the own product and work quality as well as the responsibility for the supply chain.

LORENZ considers everything to be “sustainable” that creates a livable environment through innovative products, fair and social actions and CO2-reducing economic activity – and not without losing sight of the “human factor”.

Infographic on the derivation of the LORENZ sustainability model

Mission und Vision


The common declared purpose of the company is:

LORENZ offers systems for comfortable and natural living and working space.
Together with partners, customers and investors, LORENZ simplifies regenerative building so that the ecological footprint of any building project is effectively reduced. LORENZ systems meet all the requirements of a sustainable and thus generation-suitable investment.


As a basis of orientation for this action serves us:   

LORENZ consistently stands for innovation and competence in construction systems made of straw!

In summary, this means: CO2 down with user-friendly LORENZ construction products. Therefore LORENZ stands for


simply. healthy. building.

Group photo of the LORENZ-einfach.gesund.bauen. team on an old agricultural straw baler

With straw and heart!

What we tackle...

Words must also be followed by deeds if you want to be consistent. Since we started, we have been promoting straw as a building material. In 2021, we focused specifically on our region to promote issues that are in line with our values.

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