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View of the LORENZ DD34 assembly system in timber frame construction with straw insulation as a framework

in straw

Proven quality and environmental friendliness,
serially manufactured

Renovate, Build, or Design Yourself –
The Suitable Factory System

Our product lines encompass floor, wall, roof, and gable elements for the swift and simple construction of new buildings, for insulating existing properties, and for room dividers that significantly enhance room climate.

LORENZ systems consistently offer high quality due to machine-guided production methods, DIN-standardized dimensional accuracy, and excellent thermal performance throughout the system.

LORENZ relies on regional products and short delivery routes when purchasing materials. Thus, we ensure short delivery times and a minimal carbon footprint.


For energy consultants, building services planners, architects and builders

Renovate your existing building

Large-scale renovation made to measure!

Straw in combination with clay has excellent properties: In summer, interiors remain pleasantly cool, in winter straw insulates the heat generated inside.

With the DTX you can achieve passive house standard, in 2cm steps from a building depth of 18cm!

Energy efficient building

The DD series - universally applicable wood straw modules

With the DD series, we have created a functional assembly system that is versatile and can be used in a modular way.

No matter whether you want to protect an existing building from cold or heat, whether you want to build a modern healthy residential house inexpensively, simply and with building materials from nature, or whether you are planning a resource-saving hall – you are creating a climate-positive contribution to the future.

The DD series includes modules in 18, 24 and 34 cm thickness. For more information, download our data sheets.

Design rooms

CC24 climate change cube - the healthy climate cube for people and space.

CC24 offers answer to the question of how to create healthy living for different room situations. The CC24 is a customizable shelf wall system.

Through the use of purely natural materials and the different filling options, there are almost no limits to the sensory experience. The possibilities range from a breathing, moisture-regulating and sound-absorbing Cube to a scented or illuminated one.

We offer only compostable materials. Because for us it is important to offer a product that is in harmony with nature and man.

CC24 – you will feel a new indoor climate.

Based on construction plans, we prefabricate customized surface elements. Planning and construction time are greatly optimized and consistently high quality and dimensionally accurate straightening are possible. Gables, floors or e.g. the roof can be prefabricated according to your specifications and assembled within a very short time!

The closed shell of a cozy weekend house, for example, is ready in 2 days.

LORENZ manufactures roof structures according to your design plans with optimal insulation values.

Mounting roof slopes

Roof elements can be ordered in the desired slope and size.

Configure gable elements

Gable elements can be planned according to the roof angle.

Your wall can be customized statically and functionally.

Cross braces for reinforcement

Extra stiffeners are feasible depending on the statics!

Insert openings

Window and door openings integrated LORENZ made to measure!

LORENZ takes into account various plans for interior design.


The flat surfaces allow any coating. LORENZ systems are optimal plaster bases!

Interior design

Küchenzeile, Wandschränke und Kabelläufe können einfach berücksichtigt werden!


LORENZ systems set new standards in price and quality!


DD modules can be installed easily, quickly and cleanly as an exterior and also as an interior wall. If required, we can provide experienced fitters or show you “how easy it is” during a practical seminar.

Please contact us for more information.


Due to the use of natural materials in production, DD modules do not require chemical protection. Neither during production nor during use. Our regionally harvested straw is continuously tested for harmful substances by an independent testing laboratory.

Read for yourself in the excerpt from the current Test report.

Rodent protection

A widely held prejudice against the use of straw as an insulating material is the fear of rodent infestation. If the details of the structure are carried out with appropriate care, there is no risk of rodents and insects gaining access to the straw. We give a 10-year guarantee on the constant density of the straw against sinking, which would be tantamount to exposing cavities and thus habitat for rodents. We are working on appropriate processes to further reduce the residual grain content.

Fire protection

The modules of the DD series can be classified as normally flammable, B2 according to the legal requirements for fire protection (fire protection class E according to EU standard EN 13501-1). We have had our modules subjected to a fire test. The result amazes and reassures: no use of harmful chemicals is necessary for the “normally flammable” classification of our natural product. Buildings of building classes 1 and 2 can be erected without any further fire protection measures.

The fire test was carried out in cooperation with Tamera.

Sound insulation

People are sensitive to disturbing noises. The method of compression reduces gaps in the insulation material straw and thus increases the specific mass of the system. The higher the specific mass, the harder sound penetrates. DD modules achieve effective airborne sound insulation as an open system.


By processing the primordial-natural building materials wood and straw is possible after disassembly recycling into the natural cycle. The screws can be easily removed from the wood. Untreated wood and straw used by us are considered non-hazardous waste and can be safely returned to any compost heap and thus into the cycle of nature.


The straw of the DD modules is processed with a maximum residual moisture of <18%. The diffusion-open system does not allow moisture accumulation and associated damage to the building. DD modules create a healthy and pleasant climate in living and working spaces.

Thermal insulation

It is always interesting to take a look at thermodynamics: Where heat cannot get out, cold cannot get in. The thermal insulation properties of DD modules therefore also apply, as it were, to rooms that need to be cooled.

In summer, interiors remain pleasantly cool. In the cold season, the straw prevents the room temperature from escaping in a natural and effective way. Due to good insulation, noticeably less heating or cooling energy is required, which significantly reduces the emission of pollutants in normal use. Solar-powered buildings increase their degree of self-sufficiency.

DD straw is compressed at right angles to the orientation of the neck with uniformly high pressure and thus meets the best possible heat transfer properties:

U = 0.219 W/(m2*K)
λ = 0.049 W/(m*K)

LORENZ gives a 10-year guarantee against sagging of the straw filling.


If you have any questions about energy technology during the planning stage, we recommend contacting our partner ecopark.

The FASBA trade association has compiled a wealth of information on building with wood and straw.

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