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Facade view of the multi-generation hybrid building in Kassel with shiny golden straw surface with LORENZ DD mounting systems made of wood and straw for insulation and construction

Everything but ordinary!

A multigenerational house makes a splash

Attic apartments made of straw and masonry

The three-story residential building in Kassel-Harleshausen is, according to the client, a social, integrative multigenerational project without profit orientation. The attic is a hybrid building in which the LORENZ wood-straw systems form the facades, framed in conventional brick walls.

Project profile multigenerational house

End of construction: Kassel im Wandel e.G.

Construction: Hybrid construction (solid construction with wood-framed surface systems with straw insulation)

Year of manufacture: 2022

LORENZ product: DD34

built-up area: ca. 100 m2

stored CO2: ca. 6 t

Architect: Christoph Harney

View of the multi-generation house "Kassel im Wandel" with added wooden straw modules on the top floor, which are still unlocked
More information

For the 1st construction phase, a group of 17 people of different ages (baby age to 86 years) has come together. In total, in two further construction phases in the new development area “Zum Feldlager” in Kassel-Harleshausen, communal, intergenerational, social and barrier-free living is to be made possible for around 40 people on a 4,000m2 large plot of land.

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