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04. July 2022
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LORENZ with “BIGG” straw counter at the Greentech Festival in Berlin

The Taucha company LORENZ caused a sensation at the Greentech Festival with a reception counter made of wood-straw assembly systems.

From 22-24. In June 2022, a straw counter made with LORENZ modules welcomed visitors to the BIGG stand on the occasion of the Greentech Festival in Berlin. On promising ground – the site of the former Tegel Airport is becoming the research and industrial park for urban technologies “Urban Tech Republic” – well-known exhibitors such as Audi, Lufthansa, Heidelberg Zement, Nestlé and Grohe were able to present their visions for a “greener” future .

More than 30,000 visitors attend the event every year, which takes place around the planet and was co-founded by Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg. LORENZ welcomed the guests prominently at the BIGG Change stand with a counter built from wood-straw assembly systems.

Just like “BIGG” stands for “Building Industry Goes Green”, LORENZ wants to achieve ecological and healthy construction with renewable materials with its DD product line, which allows you to build and insulate in a climate-positive way advance raw materials.

Celebrities at the stand

The straw counter, which Greentech initiator Nico Rosberg also visited, was an important milestone in the goal of bringing building with wood and straw to the attention of the general public. LORENZ founder and managing director Rainer K. Schmidt welcomed the fact that “the construction and real estate industry encourages each other to innovate through platforms such as the Greentech Festival.”

He also stated: “LORENZ has consistently thought and acted ecologically since day one of its founding. The enormous challenge of climate change can only be overcome by rethinking the economy and society towards ecologically sound products. Building is already climate-positive and easy – you just have to know about it! That’s why the LORENZ team is happy to contribute to the trade fair with visible straw construction products such as the ecological reception banner. We would especially like to thank the Smart & Green Group, the operator of the BIGG Change stand for this opportunity.”

About the products from Lorenz GmbH

Thanks to its own developed machinery, Lorenz GmbH mass-produces straw-insulated assembly elements in timber frame construction for the construction of new buildings as well as for the thermal and cold insulation of existing buildings. The product range offers floor, wall, roof and gable elements. The used and untreated materials straw & Wood has a certificate of origin, is free of pollutants and is 100% deconstructable & recyclable. The machine-controlled production method offers consistently high quality, DIN-standardized dimensional accuracy and excellent heat transfer behavior in line with the highest conveying requirements. Lorenz GmbH has technically developed the use of building straw so that the use of the building material is comfortable and time-saving.

Featured image: The LORENZ wood and straw counter at the Greentech Ferstival (BIGG Change stand), photo: Lorenz GmbH 2022

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