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07. April 2022
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New construction funding for energy-efficient buildings starts again – LORENZ sees product portfolio confirmed

The restart of new construction funding means that LORENZ products meet the stricter standards.

With the BMWK’s announcement, the new construction funding that was suspended in January will be reactivated in a new version on April 20, 2022. The changes affect the scope of the funds provided, the individual funding rates and the energy requirements.

The forecast made by LORENZ at the end of January has become reality: as a first step, only the program for the EH40 standard will be revived. Rainer Schmidt, managing director of Lorenz GmbH, sees its main criterion of only achieving 40% of the primary energy consumption of a reference house as fully achieved with the 34 cm deep DD34 module.


DD34 meets stricter guidelines

“The DD34 has always been designed as a wall module and achieves relevant values ​​such as required wall thicknesses and insulation values ​​with any coating. Having walls and insulation in one and thus remaining eligible for funding confirms our product orientation from the executive branch as well,” said Schmidt in his statement on the BMWK report.

For the announced follow-up programs for the EH40 new building funding with new quality seals for sustainable building, LORENZ is calling for the CO2 emissions from the production of building materials to be included in the new building funding.


Link to the BMWK press release: click here !

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