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12. May 2021
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Innovation – the consistently energy-active building envelope

Let your home make money while you or your tenants live comfortably in it

What happens when you combine regenerative building with regenerative energy conversion? The concept of aLORENZ Energy++ House and this concept has made it to the TOP 6 in the cluster “Energy/ Environment/ Solar Economy” at the “IQ Innovation Award Central Germany”!

Figure: Schematic structure, technology partner: ecopark GmbH and Avancis GmbH , © LORENZ, 2021

By using renewable building materials and regenerative energies, the “two-family-straw/m/-house” equipped with solar facades protects the climate twice and is a true CO2 storage miracle. With an assumed period of use of 50 years, about 1,300 tons of CO2 are taken from nature or saved during the construction and operation of the building. Energy savings and overproduction enable the building to be operated economically. This benefits the real estate industry, tenants and the environment.

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